Confronting Zionism Is The Moral Issue of Our Time

So says Prof. James Petras, the author of three great books on Zionist power in the United States, in this interview by George Kenney at Electric Politics. Here’s Kenney’s introduction:

“In the UK press one frequently finds tough criticism of Israel. See, for example, this recent essay by Mark Steel in the Independent, a thoroughly mainstream UK paper. One cannot imagine a similar essay appearing in the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times, or the Wall Street Journal, or USA Today, or indeed any other major American newspaper. Why not? Perhaps more taboo than mentioning the ‘Israel Lobby,’ is asking what’s behind it, what makes it different than the tobacco lobby, the NRA, or the AARP? To get at this vexing issue I turned to an extraordinarily distinguished leftist academic, Dr. James Petras. Jim is one of the very, very few people that I know of who reasons sensibly about the problem of Zionist influence and who isn’t afraid to speak out.”

During the interview, Petras expressed his disillusionment with Jewish American intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, a former co-author, and Norman Finkelstein, a former student, who both downplay the significance of the Israel Lobby in determining US foreign policy. In contrast, he mentions Jeff Blankfort, Steve Lendman, Jeff Halper and Ilan Pappé as just some of the Jewish intellectuals he has found helpful to his critique of what he calls the Zionist Power Configuration.

Discussing international efforts to criminalize criticism of Israel, Kenney remarked to Petras that the Zionist thought police, which Petras said operates as “a kind of organized McCarthyism [only] much more dangerous than Joe McCarthy ever was,” hadn’t noticed him yet. Petras retorted, “It means you have to do more!”

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