Did Bibi Box Obama In?

Pat Buchanan, a genuine American conservative as opposed to the Likudnik neoconservatives, warns Barack Obama in a recent article that Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel is no friend of America and is not to be trusted on Iran. Buchanan reminds readers of Bibi’s role in persuading America to go to war against Saddam Hussein. In September 2002, The War Street Journal gave a platform to the Israeli hawk to push for war against Saddam Hussein. Netanyahu exhorted American readers:

“[I]f action is not taken now, we will all be threatened by a much greater peril … (for) no gas mask and no vaccine can protect against nuclear weapons.”

As we all now know, that was, in Buchanan’s colourful phrase, “horse manure of a high grade.” But most Americans haven’t yet learned to treat Netanyahu’s scaremongering with the contempt it deserves. And now, cautions Buchanan, Barack Obama seems to be making the same mistake that George W. Bush made in listening to Israeli “advice” on the “threat” posed to America by another one of Israel’s rivals in the Middle East:

“By setting a six-month deadline, Obama has given an incentive to Israel, AIPAC, the neocons, and even al-Qaeda, which wants Shia Iran bombed back to the Stone Age, to provoke collisions with Iran, until December, then demand that Obama keep his word, suspend talks, impose severe sanctions, and start us on the escalator to war.”

How many more unnecessary wars have to be started before Americans realize they are fighting Israel’s wars for hegemony in the Middle East?

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